Download the Installer TheOnion-1.57.exe filesize 106k

Download the Zipped Installer filesize 90k

Version 1.57 - The light on/off function now works with Regular Max Lights, VRay Lights and MR Lights.

Update: This installer will work for max versions 5 - 9 including the 64bit verssion of Max 9

Lots on new functionality. Please see the forums for more info.


Download the Installer TheOnion-1.75.exe filesize 114k

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TheOnion Layer Manager

The onion was written by David Humphreys while he was at Blur Studio. It was an incredible replacement to the built in Layer Manager in max.

Both David and Blur have given me permission to fix TheOnion to work in 3d Studio Max 9 64bit. This installer should work on Man 9 32bit but I have not checked it.

At issue was the loss of the ActiveX controls in the 64bit version of Max 9. So the organize tree had to be rewritten using the .NET version. I ended up having to rewrite the whole drag and drop code. It ended up being easier and more functional than before.

Here are some changes that you should know about...

  • Right click on a Group or a Layer to edit the name in the tree.
  • You can also single click then single click again (like in windows) to edit the name in the tree
  • As before you can single click on a group or a layer and edit the name in the edit box
  • When you drag a layer you will not be able to drop it onto itself
  • When you drag a group you will not be able to drop it on a layer (or itself)
  • When you drop a layer onto another layer the dropped layer replaces the layer you are dropping onto and the rest of the layers shift down (same for the groups)

Keep in mind that I have not changed anything else or andded any other functionality. I am in the process of creating a new Layer Manager called HyperLayers that will have all the functionality that TheOnion has. Go to the forums and post any suggestions you may have for HyperLayers. I will start on it next week so now is the time to get your ideas in.

A special thanks goes to Zbuffer on the CGTalk forums for the help he gave me in pointing me in the right direction to get the .NET Treeview control to work.